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GCP DevOps Engineer

Your responsibilities:

· The development solutions on the GCP foundation platform using Infrastructure As Code methods .

· Prepare impact assessments as requested for changes proposed on GCP core platform.

· Create and manage the platform to enable application deployments .

· Combine, configure, deploy and manage centrally provided common cloud services (e.g., IAM, networking, logging, Operating systems, Containers).

· Control of process SDN in GCP .

· Maintain and build a continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD) and continuous testing activities.

· Revise support and operational documentation as required.

· Find problems and support Applications teams.

· Provide good change management practice is implemented as specified by central standards.

Our requirement:

· The deep knowledge and familiarity with the GCP products and services ecosystem including but not limited to the following areas: GCP compute products : VMs / MIGs, serverless compute, GKE, Istio / Anthos service mesh Data : Dataflow, BigQuery, Composer Databases : CloudSQL, Firestore IAM : roles and permissions, service account management and the GCP resource hierarchy Network services : VPCs (peering, shared VPC, subnets, VPC service controls), load balancers, NAT, routers, HA VPN, private service connect, API gateway, Cloud Armor Messaging : PubSub, Cloud Tasks, Eventarc Object Storage : GCS IAM, object versioning and lifecycle management, notifications Operations : logging, monitoring, custom metrics.

· Good skills in Chef, Ruby or Python is a Big Plus.

· Strong knowledge of gcloud CLI and preferably experience with Terraform.

· Capable of producing clear, detailed, and well-structured architectural documentation and diagrams of solution designs.

· Nice to have GCP certification (Professional Cloud Architect, Professional Cloud Security Engineer).

We offer:

· Set of social benefits to choose from.

· Participate in international projects and gain.

· Work in the multinational company.

·Training program.



Numer ref.: #832

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