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About L.M. Group

L.M. Group Poland is a part of the Israeli concern L.M. Group, established in 1987. Thanks to employees' involvement and 38 branches across Israel, L.M. Group became one of the leaders in the human resources, placement, and temporary recruitment field and provides its services to hundreds of clients and companies in Israel, Poland, and Germany. The company has years of experience in complex outsourcing projects in manufacturing, hotels, telecommunication, the retail industry, and many more.

Since 2019, L.M. Group is expanding its services throughout Europe.

Currently, we have four offices in the EU in Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk and Berlin.

Thanks to our wide network we are able to recommend candidates from the Middle East, Poland, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, and China.


Our mission is to become a long-term business partner for our clients and assist them in maintaining their competitive advantage. In addition, we adapt the best Israeli practices to the European market, which makes our approach to clients and projects even more unique.

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What makes us different:

  • Latest Technology

  • In-house apps

  • Expert attitude

  • Long-term approach

  • Credibility

  • Flexibility to clients’ needs

  • Complementary services

  • Global support by our International Partner

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