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  • It's been a while since you updated your CV and you are wondering which aspects of your experience should be emphasized?

  • You haven't been on an interview for a long time and/or you are stressed when you think about an upcoming interview?

  • You send your CV to many companies but it doesn't bring the expected results?

If you answered "yes" to at least one of the questions above, we encourage you to use our outplacement service. It will help you feel more confident when looking for a job, which has a direct impact on your job search results.

We offer:

SEGMENT 1 - Creating 2 attractive versions of CV - 200 PLN

  • Writing 2 CVs in Polish or/and the English language

  • Creating 2 versions of CV, based on the candidate's work experience, showing 2 recommended professional profiles of the candidate

  • CV created with a help of our consultants will help the candidate to stand out among other applications, and increase the chance to be invited for the job interview

SEGMENT 2 - Preparing candidate for a job interview - 300 PLN

  • Our consultants will help the candidate in preparation for  job interviews - both those already scheduled, and potential future interviews

  • Interviews can be conducted in English or Polish language, as per the candidate's choice
    There is a possibility to conduct interviews in German / Hebrew / Russian language as well - additionally paid 300 PLN

  • Introducing platforms that are commonly used for online job interviews

  • As a part of this segment, our consultants will discuss and practice with the candidate typical questions that might be asked during the interview, including questions referring to the candidate's CV

  • Taking part in these meetings will help the candidate to feel more self-confident during interviews, and that will create a positive impression of the candidate in the recruiter's eyes.


SEGMENT 3 - Social media profile - 200 PLN

  • A professional and detailed profile on social media platforms such as LinkedIn is treated as a virtual business card of a potential employee, that's why it's worth taking care of this aspect when looking for a job

  • Based on candidate's work experience, our consultants will help him/her to emphasize his/her strong sides and work experience relevant for the future role, that might attract a potential employer

  • LinkedIn is much more than just copying details from the CV, and we will enable the candidate to fully seize the opportunities offered by this platform

  • Explaining the correlation between activity on social media not related to job searching (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and looking for a job



SEGMENT 4 - Analyzer - 200 PLN

  • Analyzer is a unique tool, enabling candidates to verify values and aspects that they are looking for in a future employer

  • Thanks to this tool, the candidate will find out what work environment will suit him the best, and where he will be able to feel like a part of the company

  • This knowledge creates a big advantage that might be used during a job interview



SEGMENT 5 - Feedback session and action plan 200 PLN

  • Available for candidates that finished segment 4 and at least one of segments 1-3

  • In this segment, our consultants will summarize and analyze the information gathered in previous segments and will check the professional preferences of the candidate

  • Additionally, based on the Analyzer results, our consultants can help the candidate target companies that represent similar values to ones valued by the candidate

  • Together with the candidate, our consultant will build an action plan that will increase the chances of finding a new job for the candidate

TOTAL cost when purchasing ALL SEGMENTS at once: 800 PLN

Additional information:

  • Each segment requires upfront payment before realizing the service

  • The prices do not include VAT

  • Taking into consideration the current epidemic situation in Poland, all the sessions and meetings will be conducted ONLINE

  • At candidates' request, their CVs can be added to our database, which will allow them to take part in the recruitment processes of our business partners.

If you are interested in our outplacement service, choose the relevant option below, fill out the contact form and our representative will contact you.

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